It’s been a very dramatic, yet very fun, couple of days for Arc6 fans.  As they continue their push in the 2017 BEAT Invitational, Arc6 saw two reverse sweeps in two days; one in their favor, and one against their favor.  So what happens to cause such a turnaround in a game?  There are of course many factors that play into it, including: map RNG, tournament rules changing on the fly, and something I’ll call ‘mental steam’.  Arc6 showed a perfectly good display of a team running out of steam yesterday against Rogue, and then the very next day taking advantage of a team thatRead More →

To satisfy current Chinese law necessitating Blizzard to show the odds of in game purchases, players in China can now buy Arcane Dust instead of card packs.  This circumvents the law by having players receive a card pack as a free bonus to the dust that they bought. Blizzard has previously said that the next expansion in Hearthstone will yeild ‘different availability’ of the most rare cards. Since the Chinese law took hold, a pity timer has been discovered as per publications, however, it’s unclear whether these pity percentages will apply to the new bonus Chinese packs.   Players outside of china will not beRead More →

A big nerf came to a lot of heroes in Heroes of the Storm today, seeing only a few buffs, most notably to Thrall, who hasn’t been changed in a while. Thrall’s changes seemingly don’t affect his meta status too much, however, Lucio’s healing has been revamped from a previous patch, giving him more vitality. This all comes as HOTS’ Suns Out, Guns Out event starts, giving players new cosmetics.  The most popular being skins, but additionally, there is a new Brawl mode in which all players start as Stitches and try to pull each other into the pool. The event lasts almost a fullRead More →

  The first map played between the two teams was on Numbani, with Renegades taking defense first.  Jeri had excellent turret placement in the back left of the point with Torb, forcing Kungarna to be poked down heavily at first by the defense.  After a quick regroup, the offense had a spectacular play that rushed in from the front and dove to the back left surprising Jeri and Zacharee  for two quick picks, then immediately taking out the high ground.  It was surprising to see Renegades not catch the dive by simply playing back a little further, instead they are caught out of position andRead More →

   In game one, on Ascension to Auir, Gumiho, the towel Terran, opens top left, with soO opening bottom right opting for a non orthodox no gas build.  Terran Reaper expands into factory, while Zerg produces a lot of Queens, still with no gas.  A build we’ve never seen before from soO.  Zerg gets 4 hp away from killing the Terran scout, and opts for a fast Lair.  Gumiho looks to harass the Drones with Banshees,but soO defends against them, being ready with an Observer hatching right as they enter his base. Terran pushes with Reapers to which soO flawlessly defends with a perfect splitRead More →

A 2 year deal was struck in which Amazon’s Twitch acquired streaming rights for Blizzard Esports events.  Without any mention on the highly anticipated Overwatch league, all other currently planned competitive events were named; including, HOTS: Global Championship, Hearthstone Championship Tour, World of Warcraft Arena Championship, Overwatch Apex, and Starcraft 2 World Championship. Frank Pierce, CEO of Blizzard Entertainment, made a statement enforcing ties between the two companies.  While nothing is really changing, as these type of events have always been streamed on Twitch, this move prevents a lot third party competition affecting both companies as Activision-Blizzard has vested interests in the Esports with theRead More →