It was a dramatic and very close series between these two teams as they entered the rift in week 6.  Immortal, along with TSM, were both battling to tie Counter Logic Gaming for first place in the standings.  Both teams managed to clench that spot, leaving the standings with a current three way tie.  CLG took a surprising loss to Team Dignitas yesterday, so it’s exciting to see where we will end up with a three way tie.  Before the match, IMT Pobleter was saying how close the last series was between the two teams, and that Immortal won only on “very slim margins”, andRead More →

In this best of one match up the chosen map was Cache, with CLG opening strong as Terrorist.  CLG.djay was impressive getting the entry frags in both of the first two rounds.  Going into round 3, CLG had a strong economy that will last them 2 more rounds, but ROOT made a strong push back in round 4 getting to a 2v2 before losing.  Round 5 has Counter Logic Gaming pushing in and both teams losing 2, but it’s ROOT.Haptic that gets two frags jumping down from B point.  This sets up a 1v1 scenario where ROOT.maL gets the kill and disarm for The Foundation’sRead More →