It’s been a very dramatic, yet very fun, couple of days for Arc6 fans.  As they continue their push in the 2017 BEAT Invitational, Arc6 saw two reverse sweeps in two days; one in their favor, and one against their favor.  So what happens to cause such a turnaround in a game?  There are of course many factors that play into it, including: map RNG, tournament rules changing on the fly, and something I’ll call ‘mental steam’.  Arc6 showed a perfectly good display of a team running out of steam yesterday against Rogue, and then the very next day taking advantage of a team thatRead More →

  The first map played between the two teams was on Numbani, with Renegades taking defense first.  Jeri had excellent turret placement in the back left of the point with Torb, forcing Kungarna to be poked down heavily at first by the defense.  After a quick regroup, the offense had a spectacular play that rushed in from the front and dove to the back left surprising Jeri and Zacharee  for two quick picks, then immediately taking out the high ground.  It was surprising to see Renegades not catch the dive by simply playing back a little further, instead they are caught out of position andRead More →