A lot of G2’s strength comes from having the lead early on, and then steadily closing in on it.  The former EU champions couldn’t get that lead against NA’s Phoenix 1.  P1’s Ryu started off the match smiling, which is a pretty rare occurrence, possibly foreshadowing his victory.  He was sitting next to the young rookie MikeYeung, who everyone is hyped for lately.  Both teams start the match 1-1 in the tournament. After the picks in this BO1, Phoenix 1 looks to have a lot of high value picks, yet seems vulnerable in the early game.  G2’s Perkz was having a lot of success withRead More →

  It was said before the match, “If P1 wins, everyone gets a fidget spinner,” and that was all the hype as the round started. In Game 1, Akaadian took first blood against Ryu to put them at a 600 gold lead. Ryu took revenge on Akaadian the very next kill, taking an infernal dragon with the extra time they gained. Froggen dominated CS in the mid lane, tripling his average numbers, effectively stabilizing the gold count between the two teams. At 19 minutes, P1 won a team fight giving them 4 kills, and a 2200 gold lead. Mikeyeung, looking very strong for Phoenix1, whileRead More →

Pro player Inori leaves Phoenix1 to play for Team Liquid, as his new team announced a welcoming for their 10nth player on Twitter.  Going into week 4 with a less than satisfactory 0-6 record, P1’s team coach, Michael Moore, tweeted that Inori was a player the team often sought after, and that he is always welcomed back. Only one player remains from Phoenix1’s team of last year, so far this season the team started three different junglers, for three different weeks. In their last match, losing to Counter Logic Gaming, P1 managed to show a strong performance bringing it to a three game match.  TheyRead More →