CLG Academy vs The Foundation / ESEA Premier NA + ROOT.Haptic / CLG.char / CLG.djay

CLG Academy vs The Foundation / ESEA Premier NA + ROOT.Haptic / CLG.char / CLG.djay

In this best of one match up the chosen map was Cache, with CLG opening strong as Terrorist.  CLG.djay was impressive getting the entry frags in both of the first two rounds.  Going into round 3, CLG had a strong economy that will last them 2 more rounds, but ROOT made a strong push back in round 4 getting to a 2v2 before losing.  Round 5 has Counter Logic Gaming pushing in and both teams losing 2, but it’s ROOT.Haptic that gets two frags jumping down from B point.  This sets up a 1v1 scenario where ROOT.maL gets the kill and disarm for The Foundation’s first victory.

The Foundation gets a second victory after Haptic finds shots to land with ROOT.Jmoh cleaning up.  CLG won the next round, putting the first half at 3-6, forcing ROOT to save by using pistols.  In a round that looked to be unwinnable by The Foundation, they overcame and won with ROOT.Haptic allowing breathing room for his team with well timed kills.  The economy stabilizes between the two teams, with ROOT getting a slight momentum winning the next round with a strategic 3 awp placement.  First half 4-7 CLG.

In a rather chaotic round, CLG.djay and CLG.char make big plays for their team winning the next two rounds with their surging economy for the second time, concluding the half.

The second half starts with The Foundation playing as Terrorist and all five payers taking a risk as they move together to B.  However, the risk pays off as ROOT.Haptic and ROOT.CONCRETE get a couple of kills each to push in for the win.  In the third round, Djay gets a quick pistol kill with the distraction of a grenade, throwing a wrench in the cogs of ROOT’s momentum.  The Foundation is a good place to start, though, and recover resulting in a victory after a narrow 1v1 battle.


The economy is stabilized at this point and ROOT gets a victory forcing CLG Academy into their first save in round 5.  The foundation is looking strong at this point, finally getting back into the game.  CLG takes a timeout before round 6 starts, presumably to find out why their defense is being so easily penetrated at B site.  After the timeout, CLG picks up a quick and decisive victory with CLG.char getting an amazing no vision kill through a door to everyone’s surprise.  Winning the next round after that, CLG effectively cripples The Foundation’s economy and is up again at 13-9.

The next two rounds are interesting in that CLG chooses to lose to save the same two rifles and awp.  In round 10, both teams are playing very conservatively,  but CLG.mcs manages to get 3 kills to win the round, and on top of that, two more kills the next round.  CLG Academy is now at match point for the game, and ROOT opens with pistols on a save and wins a fight putting it at 3v3.  The two teams make a quick regroup and The Foundation wins the round, along with the next.

CLG Academy is now on a save and both teams push B site with all five players.  ROOT comes out on top winning with molotov throws putting them down only one game.  Foundation sneakily plants at A while CLG Academy is out of position at B, and loses trying to retake the point.  The game goes into overtime.

The game starts in overtime and The Foundation is playing as Terrorist.  They push B site and CLG seems to collapse to it over and over.  It’s at this point that ROOT takes the lead for the first time in the game.  CLG Academy gets in a perfect read, setting up at A site, tying the game back to 16-16.  Making good use of flash grenades, CLG retakes the lead as they switch over to play Terrorist.

ROOT.maL interestingly takes an auto-sniper to site A and gets a correct read with shots to land winning one and losing one to put the game at 17-17.  The Foundation finds themselves on match point after ROOT.dee manages a couple of kills.  CLG pushes in with pistols on a save as ROOT.dee gets another two kills with maL helping clean up with auto-sniper to win the game.

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