Flipsid3 Tactics vs Bpro recap / ESEA / + the immortal f3.electronic

Flipsid3 Tactics vs Bpro recap / ESEA / + the immortal f3.electronic

In this best of one on Cobblestone, Bpro starts off strong as Counter-Terrorist, winning the first two rounds. Flipsid3 is seemingly getting comfortable with positioning and timing.  F3 has been surprising a number of experts and analysts recently, with this game being no exception to their skill.  Bpro.Psycho1 gets a triple kill in the second round to put his team up in economy to win the third.  Flipsid3 gets momentum back, though, when F3.electronic333 gets a sneaky double kill in round 4, allowing his team some breathing room for their first victory.  The economy for both teams is stable at this point, and f3.electronic keeps up with the aggression getting three more kills in the next round.  Using this momentum, F3 ties the game at 4-4.

Bpro.SHIPZ1017 is pulling weight for his team leading in kills, getting a double kill in round 9, but it’s electronic again with the double kill to give Flipsid3 another victory.  This is the first time they lead the game.  At this point, F3 is really showing off their patient tactics, having lost the initial rounds due to timing; their slow playstyle is paying off now in the mid-game.  Flipsid3’s momentum ends, however, whenever psycho1 makes an entry kill on a save with a pistol, allowing his team the positioning to win the round.  The first half ends with F3 9,  Bpro, 6.

Bpro, now starting the second half as Terrorist, interestingly take a risky move with all 5 players to site B.  It doesn’t pay off as Flipsid3 Tactics surrounds and kills.  F3 quickly takes the game to 14-6, but it’s Bpro.blocker1337 that has a solid three rounds with cripsy headshots that bring the score to 14-9, swinging the economy and energy back to his teams favor.  The match set ends with a fitting 1v1 between F3.electronic vs. Bpro.SHIPZ with electronic finishing the game off and winning the game for his team.


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