Fnatic vs Cloud9 / Rift Rivals Day 3 / c9.sneaky

Fnatic vs Cloud9 / Rift Rivals Day 3 / c9.sneaky

Both teams are 2-3 in the tournament going into the match, with Urgot being the unusual and popular pick with his recent rework.  Six minutes into the game and both teams are playing very patient, we are still waiting for any kind of jungle gank.  The early game continues to be fairly spread out and passive until C9.Sneaky breaks the ice with first blood from a gank in bottom lane, and then a second kill a minute later.  This enables C9 to take their first tower down and Sneaky heads back to bottom.  It’s Sneaky again in the second team fight initiating with a third kill, giving his team the room for four more kills, and allowing C9.Jensen to chase down an enemy player for further punishment.


Fnatic tries and fails for a drake, allowing the enemy to take the buff and get more turrets down.  FNC is feeling desperate at this point, trying to make something happen, but can’t come to any conclusions.  C9’s economy snowballs and they are way ahead in the mid game, however, FNC is slowly but surely climbing their way back in the game around the 22 minute mark and manages to get double drakes.  C9 plays conservatively, not risking any jungle ganks, knowing Fnatic doesn’t have the firepower to push.  They wait out the drake buff while playing for a baron set up.  They find their chance and catch FNC out of position, taking down baron with ease with such high DPS.


Fnatic hides away during the buff, hoping for a longer late game.  Cloudb 9 pushes in for a second inhibitor, but FNC manages to hold, forcing them to base back before the baron buff ends for a strong final push.  In the last ten seconds of the Baron buff, C9 pushes in using the minions to their advantage to win.  Fnatic took too big of risks in a game that they were indeed behind, however, not so far behind to warrant such risky play.  They didn’t seem to have their team fights coordinated well enough to win, and ended up having their stragglers ganked one by one.




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