GSL Starcraft 2 Final – Congratulations to GuMiho! – Recap/errors game 1?/soO’s builds

GSL Starcraft 2 Final – Congratulations to GuMiho! – Recap/errors game 1?/soO’s builds


 In game one, on Ascension to Auir, Gumiho, the towel Terran, opens top left, with soO opening bottom right opting for a non orthodox no gas build.  Terran Reaper expands into factory, while Zerg produces a lot of Queens, still with no gas.  A build we’ve never seen before from soO.  Zerg gets 4 hp away from killing the Terran scout, and opts for a fast Lair.  Gumiho looks to harass the Drones with Banshees,but soO defends against them, being ready with an Observer hatching right as they enter his base.

Terran pushes with Reapers to which soO flawlessly defends with a perfect split of his Drones, only losing one.  It’s apparent now that Zerg must be getting a fast hive for a timing attack.  Gumiho starts mass producing Command Centers for mules, specifically going for Raven upgrades to be able to spend energy instead of units which ends up working great against the Brood Lords in the first battle.  In the end, the mech Terran was able to capitalize on his DPS with Thors and Battlecruisers, defeating soO’s Broods and Corruptors.  This was the only game in the series which got to end tier.

It’s interesting to note that in this game, soO never opted to take his +3 melee upgrade, rendering his banelings much less effective.  Also, there was battle where Gumiho didn’t use four Battlecruisers when he definitely needed them.

In game 2, on Frost, Gumiho is at bottom right, with soO being bottom left.  Zerg interestingly takes back map control, after losing his scout, using the tower to gain vision to where the scouting Reapers are.  After some exchanges between speedlings and Reapers, Terran manages a liberator that killed seven drones in soO’s third base.  Neither player wanted to commit to a a Baneling vs stim exchange, until Gumiho pushed while soO had two fungals, connecting with the first, but forcing the second losing his army in the process.


In game 3, on Odyssey, Gumiho started bottom right, while soO started top left.  The Zerg begins the set with a proxy hatch that can be presumed for a Roach rush.  Quickly moving to morph them into Ravagers, he tries but fails to get the Terran Reactor down.  Gumiho manages to hold off soO with two siege tanks at his base, countering the harassment with his own Liberator, and eventually dropping two cyclones in the Zerg’s main destroying the economy.  soO manages to mine from Gumiho’s natural with his proxy hatch for the extra boost for his Spire.  The Terran had nothing to counter the attacks with and it forces a quick ‘GG’.

The early pressure from soO forced Gumiho to play reactively for this first time in this series sealing the Zerg’s win.

Game 4 was held on the map Proxima Station with soO starting top right, and Gumiho bottom left.  Terran starts with a standard marine drop, but soO was already patiently waiting for him, eventually taking out the Medivac caught behind his base with three Queens.  Both players play really well this game focused around drop play, with soO getting map control once his Spire finishes.  soO manages to get a bust that kills off 28 SCV’s, and Gumiho responds with a counter attack by four Thors taking out Zerg’s fifth base.  The towel Terran pushes with siege tanks while using Thors to soak damage until soO calls out ‘gg’.

Note worthy here to me was the fact that even tho soO is opening much differently in recent games compared to no gas build on Ascension to Auir, it all seems to lead to the same mid game.

Game 5 was on the map Whirling with soO starting in the upper left, and Gumiho in the upper right.  At this point Gumiho is only one win away from being a first time GSL champion, which seems to be a very common thing to anyone who goes up against soO, who has the infamous ‘second place curse’.  The Zerg starts out with a risky three hatch and narrowly scouts the fact that the Terran is going two factory.  soO switches his tech quickly to roaches and barely hold Gumiho’s Cyclone push, but manages a small counter attack with lings on Terran’s natural.  The two players trade blows before soO commits to a push, as Terran didn’t have enough Hellbats for the ‘lings to take down the Cyclones.

The score being 3-2 in Gumiho’s favor, game 6 took place on Newkirk Precinct with Terran starting bottom right, and soO bottom left.  Right away it’s apparent that soO is going for a ravager all in build, knowing he has a good shot of dictating the game with early pressure.  Gumiho nearly scouts this, however, at the last second turns his Reaper around to deal with lings harassing his natural.  soO’s build comes as a surprise to the Terran, but Gumiho holds it off better than what anyone thought he could do.  Both players trade back and forth a little as the Terran starts to push ahead.  soO blindly makes spores to counter a Banshee rush, but can’t stop Gumiho’s push and loses 10 Drones to Hellions before calling ‘GG.’




A very emotional conclusion to the match with a speechless Gumiho, and a class act by soO at the end saying he doesn’t want any of the attention drawn away from Gumiho’s win, even though his second place haunting continues.

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