Overwatch Contenders Season Zero, Day 2 — Renegades vs Kungarna Recap — no high ground/excellent support baiting/hanzo pick

Overwatch Contenders Season Zero, Day 2 — Renegades vs Kungarna Recap — no high ground/excellent support baiting/hanzo pick


The first map played between the two teams was on Numbani, with Renegades taking defense first.  Jeri had excellent turret placement in the back left of the point with Torb, forcing Kungarna to be poked down heavily at first by the defense.  After a quick regroup, the offense had a spectacular play that rushed in from the front and dove to the back left surprising Jeri and Zacharee  for two quick picks, then immediately taking out the high ground.  It was surprising to see Renegades not catch the dive by simply playing back a little further, instead they are caught out of position and Kungarna caps.

Jeri switches from Torb to Lucio and dies to a D.Va ult to everyone’s surprise, giving up a lot of ground without speed boost.  After a few failed pushes by the offense, iRemix switches to Reinhart from Winston.  Earth Shatter becomes available during the last push on the cart, but misses, and Renegades picks off both healers to hold the point.  Kungarna didn’t take any high ground during their last push, constantly getting flanked and pushed around on the ground.

In round 2, Renegades starts off strong with one tank Winston pushing in but Kungarna successfully holds the first attack.  The second push by the offense is a victory, due to Zacharee getting a pick on Babybay, then Primodulce and Mangachu clean up as Winston and Pharah, respectively.  Renegades gets an amazingly patient four player rez to push the second checkpoint.  The defense uses their ult economy to hold at the archway, and does so until the Renegades get some steam at 1:30 left.  The next team battle has D.Va flying into the air to bait out a support ult, then Magnachu hitting a four player grav winning Renegades the map.

The second map played is LiJiang Tower, where it’s worth noting that Kungarna has an 80% win rate on control point maps.  In the first round, J3sus helps the Renegades hold the point until 99% with a 4 player self-destruct kill.  Bischu matching his self-destruct with his own getting two picks which is enough for Kungarna to take the point.  The two teams trade gravs back and forth until the Renegades get an advantage as Kungarna starts to trickle in.

In round 2, Mangachu gets energy very quickly to push Kungarna back, but a huge sound barrier drops for Kungarna to win a team fight and take the point.  As both teams are at 50%, iRemix initiates a team fight with a Winston ult, but a bubbled Zachareee fends them off.  The teams trade blows until it’s 99% vs 99% and in almost the opposite of last round, it’s Renegades this time staggering back in.  Kungarna wins.  In Round 3. Kungarna looked amazing winning five team fights in a row to hold the objective.

Round 4 starts and the Renegades get 4 early picks to win the point.  Mangachu dives in with full energy getting three kills for himself with 2 assists. Kungarna manages to win a team fight, however, through Dogman baiting Mangachu’s grav out then using Transcendence.  Mykl, Kungarna’s Tracer, really gives the Renegades a hard time by continuously shutting down their backlines, further proving himself with the use of a Pulse Bomb to win at the end.

Map 3 is played on the Temple of Anubis, with Kungarna starting as attack.  Bischu chooses Widow, and Dogman plays Sombre.  Babybay gets a Dragon Strike ult off to finish Lucio pushing in for the point.  Hacks coming from both sides on health packs in all out cyber warfare as the attacking Mcree allows his team some breathing room getting the trickling Tracer down to cap the second point.

In round 2, J3sus chooses attack Widow who gets picked by Lucio right away.  J3sus stays as Widow who goes on to do work to get the enemy Tracer and Sombre down in two shots, managing four kills total in the push.  Renegades caps having the ults on their side to gain a lot of time on Kungarna.  Sherlockey punches a 2 man rez while Zacharee picks 2 more with Dragon Strike, though they can’t push in.  Bischu has an amazinig matrix shield against Magnachu’s Rocket Barrage, while Zachareee gets a Death Blossom in at the point making the Renegades winners in overtime.

Round 3 starts and Zachareee takes out the defensive widow right away.  The rest of the Renegades clean up and cap the first point, pushing straight to the second winning a team fight and capping without even having to use a rez.  In round 4, Zachareee holds the point with Dragon Strike, getting down the Zen before he could use Transcendence, putting the Renegades up two maps to one.

On the fourth map the teams battle at Watchpoint: Gibraltar, with Kungarna opening on offense.  Zachareee plays an amazing defense at the start under the bridge until iRemix finally takes him down.  Babybay gets Kungarna the first checkpoint with a triple kill as soldier.  The defense of the Renegades doesn’t seem to be very coordinated at this point, and the offense doesn’t have to use any ults pushing the next checkpoint, allowing them to effectively save their ults for the last push, which takes the cart all the way.  

Round 2 sees Renegade’s Mangachu pick Hanzo on attack, getting the enemies attention early on along with a pick; enough for a dragon, but to no affect.  As the Renegades push the first point, Mangachu switches to soldier.  Kungarna manages a nice hold for a while between the two checkpoints with Babybay taking high ground for the DPS. However, the Renegades win two team fights and cap the second point.

In this last push, with Cloud9 on the line if Kungarna can’t hold, Babybay gets an excellent tactical visor off as usual taking Mangachu down as soldier on the high ground.  Both teams have four ults in the last ten seconds of the push, but it was iRemix creating a lot of space with Winston’s ult that allowed his team to successfully defend the point.  The match ending in a 2-2 draw.

What I didn’t get to mention much in the article, so I’ll put it here now, is how effective Sherlockey was as Zenyatta consistently getting into the kill feed, and also making plays for his team, often overlooked.



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