PlayerUnknown BattleGround’s Banhammer

PlayerUnknown BattleGround’s Banhammer

Cheaters using everything from ESP hacks, where you can see where everyone is, or Aimbot hacks, allowing players to have perfect aim, are ruining the PUBG experience for everyone.  There are also other cheats that allows players to see where guns are, something that may seem minor but definitely gives an advantage.

Battleye is the current technology the game uses to prevent cheaters, but it is implemented in others games that already have their own hacks. Other shooters, such as Overwatch, have recently seen a rise in cheating, and have dealt with it accordingly with a strong ban sense.

Banning players is the most effective way to stop this from happening, however, what’s stopping players from simply buying the game again?  Players from PUBG suggest that adding a kill cam to the game can help identify hackers, even giving footage to show the devs for proof.  The bottom line is it’s good to see these gaming companies take strong action against cheaters, however, is it enough, and what else can they do?

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