Rift Rivals NA vs EU Day 2 / G2 Esports vs Phoenix 1/ MikeYeung’s Infinite Rage

Rift Rivals NA vs EU Day 2 / G2 Esports vs Phoenix 1/ MikeYeung’s Infinite Rage

A lot of G2’s strength comes from having the lead early on, and then steadily closing in on it.  The former EU champions couldn’t get that lead against NA’s Phoenix 1.  P1’s Ryu started off the match smiling, which is a pretty rare occurrence, possibly foreshadowing his victory.  He was sitting next to the young rookie MikeYeung, who everyone is hyped for lately.  Both teams start the match 1-1 in the tournament.

After the picks in this BO1, Phoenix 1 looks to have a lot of high value picks, yet seems vulnerable in the early game.  G2’s Perkz was having a lot of success with his foot work, getting in stylish dodges.  The first blood of the match comes from G2.Trick who takes down MikeYeung in upper left jungle.  Shortly after, MikeYeung helps his team dive with the aid of Arrow for the first kill of P1 in bottom lane.

G2 is having a good early game and are up 1k gold after eight minutes, but that changes quickly as P1’s Ryu and MikeYeung dive in using flash as Lee Sin to get two kills in top jungle.  In another moment of brilliance, MikeYeung keeps raging to get another kill on G2.mithy.  Phoenix 1 is up 4-1 kills and 800 gold at this point and has the lead for the first time.  P1 seems to be making calls faster to play a more aggressive jungle style, and keeps catching G2 out of position to get a quick gank.  MikeYeung is everywhere he needs to be at this point, and despite G2 getting first blood and having the stronger early game draft, Phoenix 1 outplays them.


P1 keeps pressure on the top left side and wins a team fight to gain map control, getting Baron at 21 minutes.  Having an enormous lead of 10k gold at 23 minutes, MikeYeung dazzles everyone once again.  Mike “stay alive” Yeung scouts mithy in the jungle and immediately realizes the full enemy team must be close.  He escapes jumping all over the place, not only escaping a full 5 man surround, but also managing to use Smite during the chaos.  This allows him to continue jungling while evading.

At this point, Phoenix 1 is up so much in economy that they win the game easily.  Both junglers played very well this game, but MikeYeung was able to stay more active with his team.  Ryu and Arrow had high kill participation that helped the rookie clean up the fights.  The fights P1 chose to go into were very decisive, and often had small timing windows for them to have an edge.  Will we see Phoenix 1 in the global finals?


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